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Jason Smathers

360 Electric, Inc was founded by supervising electrician Jason Smathers who is a native Oregonian. Jason grew up in a small family business and learned at an early age about the value of honesty, a strong work ethic, and customer satisfaction. Jason is a skilled and knowledgeable electrician with over 17 years experience in the electrical industry.

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Matt Nelson

Matt has been an electrician for over 19 years. He enjoys service calls and property management work. Finding solutions to electrical problems and seeing the relief on the faces of the customers is extremely rewarding. He also enjoys working on vintage and historical homes and buildings. Restoring them to their past glory combined with up-to-date comfort is a challenge he enjoys. Matt helped to design and build the wiring of the wine tasting room at Walnut Ridge Vineyard.

Matt's Tip: Do not overlook loose prongs on a receptacle. This can lead to arcing in the receptacle causing the breaker to trip or wiring in the box to fault.

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Carrie Bowers, 360 electric, electricians, contracting

Carrie Bowers

Carrie is the office manager, invoice specialist, researcher, scheduler, and whatever else needs done! While you may not get Jason when you call, Carrie will make sure that he gets the messages. Also feel free to email her at carrie@360-electric.com.

Carrie's Tip: A picture is worth a thousand words...and a few dollars in savings! If you have a concern, email me a picture. It can help our electricians to know what to expect in some situations. They will be able to arrive more prepared and spend less labor hours completing the work.

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